Water Resources Management
  • Stormwater
  • Groundwater
  • Lakes, Rivers, and Wetlands
  • Floodplains
  • Erosion Control & Restoration


Stormwater management techniques and regulations are evolving rapidly, and MARS is on the forefront of the analysis and design of stormwater practices. Our wide range of services and technical capabilities includes:

  • Helping our clients negotiate the changing regulatory landscape, including being by being involved during in stormwater policy processes such as making levels including partaking in the Dane County Infiltration Task Committee, and providing feedback on reviewing WNDR draft ordinances and technical guidance material from the WDNR
  • Designing stormwater management systems Technical analyses using hydrologic and hydraulic modeling tools such as P-8, WinSLAMM, RECARGA, XP-SWMM, HydroCAD, SWAT, and HEC-RAS
  • Supporting construction projects by providing a wide range of design and construction support services including preparing construction drawings and, specifications, assisting with bidding processes support, and observing construction site oversight activities.


Groundwater is a vital resource that provides drinking water and supports the health of our lakes, streams and wetlands. MARS is in the thick of challenging groundwater issues, working to balance human use with water resource protection. MARS’ expertise is uniquely suited to evaluating the interactions between groundwater and surface water. Our services include the following:

  • Evaluating well pumping impacts on lakes, streams, and wetlands
  • Planning urban development and stormwater management to protect groundwater aquifers and the surface waters they feed
  • Water supply aquifer master planning
  • Evaluating the role of groundwater in flooding
  • Construction groundwater dewatering analysis and permitting
  • Enhanced groundwater recharge system design
  • Modeling groundwater flow with MODFLOW and GFLOW, with integrated analysis of stormwater infiltration and recharge with models such as RECARGA
  • Monitoring groundwater quality and quantity

River Hydraulics

MARS provides in-depth analysis and cost-effective designs related to river and stream ecosystem protection and restoration, flood protection, and channel erosion and stability. Streams and rivers are shaped by complex surface runoff and groundwater processes, and our multidisciplinary staff can offer keen insight into each project. We have extensive experience in engineering design related to floodway encroachments, dam repair, hydraulic control structures and channel stabilization. We also specialize in detailed analysis of flood hydraulics, sediment transport, as well as streamflow and temperature

Lakes and Wetlands

MARS helps our clients understand, protect and enhance lakes and wetlands through integrated hydrologic and hydraulic studies and designs. The complexity of lake and wetland hydrology requires broad technical understanding to solve problems related to lake levels, water quality and ecosystem integrity. We specialize in technical analyses integrating hydrologic, hydraulic and groundwater modeling, field studies, and design of hydraulic control systems. Our clients, including private citizens, municipalities, and corporations, gain increased understanding of their problems and options for protecting and enjoying resources they value


MARS provides detailed watershed scale non-point source pollution modeling and analysis. Understanding the interaction of climate, land use, and the physical characteristics of a landscape, enables us to predict areas of highest risk for export of sediment, nutrients, or chemicals to lakes or rivers. Using watershed modeling tools such as, SWAT and EVAAL, we have qualitatively and quantitatively assessed phosphorus export from the landscape. Using this information to provide guidance to public and private watershed groups on optimal placement of BMP’s in a watershed or aid in the TMDL compliance process


Flooding impacts public safety, creates economic damages, and affects community planning and development. MARS routinely helps property owners, developers and communities navigate the regulatory and engineering issues that affect human activities in floodplains. Our services include:

  • Mapping floodplains
  • Analyzing floodway encroachments due to placement of fill
  • Hydraulic design of bridges
  • Obtaining local, state and FEMA floodplain approvals

Erosion Control & Restoration

Soil and sediment loss from construction sites is one of the largest contributors of pollutants to water resources such as lakes, rivers and wetlands. Our technical expertise in erosion and sediment control practices and environmental regulations, as well as our practical experience with a diverse range of construction methods, allows us to work in tandem with a construction team.

On a typical project, MARS will review the project conditions to identify potential regulatory and technical challenges, use mapping and quantitative tools to assess soil types, slopes and susceptibility to erosion, develop an effective solution using the most economical technologies, work with regulators at all levels to ensure that your project starts on time, and provide construction-time support to ensure conformance with regulatory requirements.With assistance from MARS to address erosion control issues, our clients, including utilities, consultants, developers and homeowners, are able to focus their time and energy on the actual construction of their project.

Lakes, Rivers, and Wetlands
Erosion Control & Restoration